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Mrs. Hart’s third-grade class built their own rockets on Friday and found ways to study the effects of air pressure and wind. First, the students launched their rockets in the controlled environment of their classroom. After discussing their observations, they moved their experiments outdoors where they had to consider how wind impacted their launch. These budding scientists had some astute observations.

Utah State Science Benchmark Forces cause changes in the speed or direction of the motion of an object. The greater the force placed on an object, the greater the change in motion. The more massive an object is, the less effect a given force will have upon the motion of the object. Earth’s gravity pulls objects toward it without touching them. Standard 3 Students will understand the relationship between the force applied to an object and resulting motion of the object.

Objective 1 Demonstrate how forces cause changes in speed or direction of objects.

Show that objects at rest will not move unless a force is applied to them.

Compare the forces of pushing and pulling.

Investigate how forces applied through simple machines affect the direction and/or amount of resulting force.

Portuguese Três, Dois, Um, Liftoff A primeira classe da Sra. Hart construiu seus próprios foguetes na sexta-feira e encontrou maneiras de estudar os efeitos da pressão do ar e do vento. Primeiro, os alunos lançaram seus foguetes no ambiente controlado de sua sala de aula. Depois de discutirem suas observações, eles então deslocaram suas experiências para o exterior, onde tiveram que considerar como o vento impactou seu lançamento. Estes cientistas em início de carreira tiveram algumas observações astutas.

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Tres, dos, uno, despegue

La clase de primer grado de la Sra. Hart construyó sus propios cohetes el viernes y encontró formas de estudiar los efectos de la presión del aire y el viento. En primer lugar, los alumnos lanzaron sus cohetes en el entorno controlado de su aula. Después de discutir sus observaciones, trasladaron sus experimentos al exterior, donde tuvieron que considerar el impacto del viento en su lanzamiento. Estos científicos en ciernes hicieron algunas observaciones astutas.

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