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Lakeview Elementary School

Last modified: October 21, 2022

Lakeview Attendance Guidelines

Daily Attendance

  1. The Provo School District policy allows 5 absences per term or 20 per year (for a 180 day school year). Up to five absences may be parent-excused “P” days per 45-day term, but no more.
  2. Please call before 9:00 a.m. to excuse your student from school that same day, otherwise it will not be excused, unless you bring in a doctor’s note.
  3. If your student misses school because of a doctor appointment, be sure to bring a doctor’s note with the day(s) they were ill and excused by the doctor. Only days listed on the doctor’s note will be changed to a “D” or “doctor” excused. A doctor’s note with specific days missed for medical reasons listed will be accepted and not counted as an absence.
  4. We encourage students to be present and on time every day. However, if your child is sick, PLEASE KEEP HIM/HER AT HOME. Do not send sick students to school.
  5. Good attendance gives students a better opportunity to succeed in school and to have a better opportunity for academic and social experiences. We recognize good attendance at Lakeview, both in the classroom and school wide.

Tardies and Check-Outs

  1. A student who enters the classroom after the 8:30 a.m. bell will be recorded as “tardy,” or given a “T” for that day. The student must first come to the office for a late slip, which will then be immediately given by the student to his/her teacher. This helps us keep track of all students, both in the classroom and in the office. It also assists in our attempt to call the parents of each child who is absent. Failing to check-in at the office often causes worry on your part and extra time for the calling volunteer.
  2. A student who is checked-out before the school day is officially over will be declared a “checkout.” Checkouts are recorded in the school office. Each student is required to be checked out through the office, and only with a parent or guardian’s permission. If there are no excessive checkouts, there will usually be no negative consequences for the student.
  3. If a student is late because of a doctor or dentist appointment, please ask the provider for a verification of a visit and the tardy will be marked as a “C” which indicates a medical visit was made. It will not be counted against the attendance count.
  4. A student must attend for at least half of a school day to be counted as attending for that day. This applies for a tardy and/or an early checkout.

Family Vacations

If you are planning a family trip please stop by the office and pick up an application for your student to miss school one week prior to the trip. The office will make a copy of the application and will mark the days being missed as an “A,” meaning not excused. When you come back from the trip please bring in or send the application indicating that you have fulfilled the work requirements indicated on the form. Please remember to sign the form. If the requirements are met a worker in the office will change the “A” to an “F” which indicates a pre-approved absent.