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Lakeview Elementary School

Wednesday was crazy hair and/or sock day at Lakeview. Our lions took the opportunity to express their commitment to kindness through their creative hairstyles and funny footwear.  As always, we weren’t disappointed with their delightful sense of style. Find more photos on our Facebook page.


Quarta-feira foi dia de loucura de cabelo e/ou meia em Lakeview. Nossos leões aproveitaram a oportunidade para expressar seu compromisso com a bondade através de seus penteados criativos e calçados engraçados.  Como sempre, não ficamos desapontados com seu delicioso senso de estilo. Encontre mais fotos em nossa página do Facebook.


El miércoles fue el día del pelo y/o los calcetines locos en Lakeview. Nuestros leones aprovecharon la oportunidad para expresar su compromiso con la bondad a través de sus creativos peinados y su divertido calzado.  Como siempre, no nos decepcionaron con su encantador sentido del estilo. Encuentre más fotos en nuestra página de Facebook.


Adverse Childhood Experiences What are ACEs? ACEs are adverse childhood experiences. While all of us experience adversity or difficult circumstances in life, ACEs are traumatic events that occur in...

Our webpage now offers full translation into Spanish and Portuguese. Find the dropdown menu in the upper right-hand corner of any post. There you will find links to the English, Spanish, and...

Our own Keams family, which includes two students at Lakeview, organized a wonderful presentation in honor of Indigenous Peoples Month.  Along with other representatives from the local Native...