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As you have probably heard by now, the district is moving ahead with going to Phase 2 for the elementary schools starting on Monday, September 28th. This means all students should now be attending in person school Monday-Thursday. Friday will continue to be online learning with lessons prepared by the classroom teacher. School will continue to be dismissed at 1:20 during Phase 2. Drop off in the morning will be more crowded. Please be patient. We will still have the kids line up on the back playground before school.

With this change, the teachers will no longer be posting all of their lessons online like before except for on Fridays. Teachers may be assigning online work through one of our online programs such as iReady, Into Math, etc. Students will also be accessing the specialty class lessons (music, art, PE, computer/keyboarding) online. These can be done at home during the hours they would have been in school. We hope this will be a smooth transition. Please contact your child’s teacher with any specific questions.

For those that were previously using the home study option, things will be changing. As stated in the email from the district office, the home study option was never intended to be a comprehensive online program. It has been overwhelming for our teachers to teach in the classroom during the day and then prepare online lessons as well. We are now asking that anyone that would like to continue to be strictly online enroll in E-school with the district. The home study will now become a very short term thing that would happen if a student is actually sick and needs to stay home or quarantine which would usually not be longer than 2 weeks. The teacher will work with the student and family to provide lessons much like happened before COVID. We know this has been very confusing and the message from the district about how it would work has changed. We are sorry for that confusion and hope this will clarify things for everyone.

For those needing to enroll in E-school, please contact their office at 801 374-4810.

If you do choose to have your child enroll in E-school, please contact us at Lakeview to let us know. We are trying to find ways for any student enrolled in E-school to still feel they are a part of Lakeview. We eventually want all of the students to come back and return to Lakeview once this has all passed!

Thanks for all you are doing to make the best of a difficult situation.


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