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The Teacher of the Year award is a prestigious award given by a school, district, or state to honor an exceptional teacher in a given school year. The winner is chosen by the teacher’s peers as all of the teachers in the school vote for who they believe deserves the award.

This year, we are happy to present first-grade teacher, Linda Moser, with the award for Lakeview Teacher of the Year. Linda was honored at a district school board meeting on Tuesday night.

Linda Moser began her career in Provo City School District in 1991 working at Westridge Elementar

y. She spent two years there in the computer lab, then went to the district office for three years to join the technology team. She then went to Grandview Elementary, where she worked in the computer lab and the library. When Lakeview Elementary school opened in 2008, she started teaching first grade and has been here ever since. Linda has a degree in Elementary Education from BYU and endorsements in keyboarding, math, STEM, and English as a Second Language. She has served on a state STEM DLI team for the past two years and is currently serving on Lakeview’s School Community Council. Linda is married to Greg and has four stepsons: two at Utah State University, one on a mission in Mexico, and one who lives in New Mexico. She grew up in Pennsylvania and made Utah her home after college. She is active in her church, went on an LDS mission, and spends a significant amount of time volunteering.

When asked about teaching, Linda said, “I hope to grow a love of learning throughout their life in every student. The reward of teaching is seeing the light go on and the excitement of learning realized. I believe that my desire to nurture and help others, including patience, love, sense of humor and determination to succeed have made me the teacher I am today. I want to grow their confidence so they believe in themselves.”

Linda’s colleagues said the following about her:

“Linda has fun, memorable lessons, and isn’t afraid to be silly with her students. Linda challenges her students to do better than their best. Sometimes those challenges have ended up with Mrs. Moser doing a cartwheel for her students.”

“Linda spends long hours here at the school in preparation for her class. She is very creative and comes up with fun and interesting ways to present her lessons to her class. She is always willing to share these creative ideas with her colleagues.”

“One of the first things I learned about Linda was how incredibly organized she is in her classroom and her life in general. She spends many hours after school hours to work and plan for her students. Each of her students is well looked after and taught with love. She juggles, home, family, church, continuing education classes, plus being apart of our first-grade team.”

“Linda is an extraordinary teacher! She has been an inspiration and a great friend since I have started to work in the 1st-grade team. She cares for her students and has gone out of her way to help the ones who are struggling in the classroom.”

Congratulations, Linda Moser! We are so proud to have you at Lakeview!


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