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Lakeview Elementary School

Dear Parents,

Please note that Kindergarten registration is now open! If you have a child that will be coming to Lakeview next year, please click here to see the information on our webpage about how to register. Also, if you enrolled in eschool or decided to home school this year, please know that we hope you will have your students return to Lakeview next year. At the rate COVID is declining, we hope to be back to our normal schedule next year with few restrictions. You may re-enroll at any time. If you want your student to return in the fall, we will just mark the student record with the start date for next fall. We would like to know sooner rather than later, how many students we will have for next year.

I continue to receive complaints about the drop off / pick up in front of the school. Please know that we are appreciative of those that are polite and make it work the best they can. Most of the complaints are about someone being rude to other parents by blocking off lanes, cutting someone off, etc. There isn’t much we, as a school, can do about this. The district created the drive way with only 2 lanes. Everyone is going to have to be patient and polite. We do continue to have a lot of empty space towards the end of the lanes if you can pull forward towards the end of the drop off.

We are the largest elementary school in Provo and one of the few that don’t have buses bringing students to the school. Those things combined together make our drop off zone even more challenging.

We are hoping that as the weather warms up, more students will be able to walk or bike to school and not rely on so many cars coming to school. If you do have your child walk or bike, please review safety procedures with them. If you have to drive, we encourage carpools to reduce the number of cars coming to the school.

Thanks for doing all you can to help this situation.


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