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Our 2024 Fourth-grade Program Wows Audiences

The fourth-grade social studies standards focus primarily on the state. Throughout the year, students use music as part of their instruction. From dinosaurs to railroads, they share the rich history of Utah. Great job fourth grade!

A video and more images can be found on our Facebook page. 

State Social Studies standards include:

Benchmark: The history of Utah has been shaped by many diverse people, events, challenges, and ideas. People came to the land now known as Utah for many reasons, and from many different places around the world. The story of Utah includes American Indians, the Dominguez- Escalante exploration, explorers, trappers, Latinos, Mormon pioneers, Polynesians, Chinese, Japanese, Greeks, African-Americans, Middle Easterners, and many other groups seeking new homes, work and refuge. As each culture has come to Utah, Utah has changed. These changes have had and will continue to have significant impacts on all the people of Utah.

Standard 2 Students will understand how Utah’s history has been shaped by many diverse people, events, and ideas.

Objective 1 Describe the historical and current impact of various cultural groups on Utah.

  Chart the routes that diverse cultural groups took from their places of origin to Utah, using maps and other resources.

Explore points of view about life in Utah from a variety of cultural groups using primary source documents.

Explore cultural influences from various groups found in Utah today (e.g. food, music, religion, dress, festivals).

Identify and describe leaders from various cultures who exemplify outstanding character and life skills.

Explain the importance of preserving cultural prehistory and history, including archaeological sites and other historic sites and artifacts.

Objective 2 Describe ways that Utah has changed over time.

  Identify key events and trends in Utah history and their significance (e.g. American Indian settlement, European exploration, Mormon settlement, westward expansion, American Indian relocation, statehood, development of industry, World War I and II).

Compare the experiences faced by today’s immigrants with those faced by immigrants in Utah’s history.

Objective 3 Investigate the development of the economy in Utah.

  Explain the relationship between supply and demand.

Describe the role of producers and consumers.

Identify examples of producers and consumers in the local community.

Research the development of Utah’s economy over time.

Identify the factors which bring about economic changes (e.g. natural resource development, new technologies, new market development, globalization, global conflicts, education).

Examine how economic development affects communities (e.g. dams, sports, tourism, power plants, mining, etc.).

Social Studies language students should know and use: immigrant, supply, demand, producer, economy, consumer, technology, globalization

Benchmark: Representative government has developed in Utah. People who live in Utah have rights and responsibilities associated with representative government. People have created systems of power and authority within this government.


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