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Dear Lakeview Families,

Thank you for your patience while the Provo City School District leaders were formulating their plan for our return to school. They have come up with 3 options. It is vital that you complete this form and choose one of the three options. The results of your choice will determine how we will create the individual classes at Lakeview. We are doing our best to plan for the upcoming year but it is nearly impossible to do until we get these results. Here is the link to the enrollment form. They call it a “survey” but it is not just giving your opinion. This is how you actually enroll your child in one of the three options!

Follow this link to access the survey.

You will see these options to choose from:

1. In-person classroom option and Home Study Option – To start it will be 2 days in school and 3 days online. Lessons provided by classroom teachers.

2: Online (eSchool) full time (for more information click here) -Lessons provide through the K12 online program.

3: Dual Enrollment for DLI Option* – Portuguese half in-person, English half in eSchool. Students will have to enroll at both Lakeview and eSchool. This is done through the Student Services office at the district office.

*Clarification for DLI students – 

We’ve received questions from the parents of DLI students asking if they have to choose option #3.  The confusion is coming from the fact that the district called option #3 “Dual Enrollment”.

Students enrolled in our Portuguese DLI classes should choose option #1.  This will enroll them with their normal teachers from the Lakeview DLI program.  Under this option,  we will be doing 2 days of in person face to face class at Lakeview with 3 days of online school.  Of the 2 days of in person class time, one of those days will be in Portuguese and the other day in English.

Option #3 should only be chosen if you only want your child to come to school on the one day they will be doing Portuguese.  This would most likely be for medical concerns.  We are anticipating that most everyone will choose option #1.  

Thanks for helping us navigate through these crazy times! We look forward to seeing the students soon!


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