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Our second-grade classes attended a field trip to Diamond campground in Diamond Fork Canyon. Students learned about animals, adaptation, and habitats.

Second Grade Science Standards Standard 4 Life Science. Students will gain an understanding of Life Science through the study of changes in organisms over time and the nature of living things.

Objective 1 Tell how external features affect an animals’ ability to survive in its environment.

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  1. Compare and contrast the characteristics of living things in different habitats.
  2. Develop, communicate, and justify an explanation as to why a habitat is or is not suitable for a specific organism.
  3. Create possible explanations as to why some organisms no longer exist, but similar organisms are still alive today.

Objective 2 Identify basic needs of living things (plants and animals) and their abilities to meet their needs.

Supplemental Materials (pdf)

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  1. Communicate and justify how the physical characteristics of living things help them meet their basic needs.
  2. Observe, record, and compare how the behaviors and reactions of living things help them meet their basic needs.
  3. Identify behaviors and reactions of living things in response to changes in the environment including seasonal changes in temperature and precipitation.

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