It’s Digital Inclusion Week –

“This year I challenged my students with a question from the [Science] Strand 6.2, “How energy affects matter?”. They had to design a device that would be able to maximize the heat energy transfer of the sun to prepare S’mores for the entire class. We worked this question through many weeks and it was a blast!! Each week they would come with many different ideas, “Teacher, what would happen if I use a mirror instead of the foil paper?”, “Would it be better to have a bigger or a smaller box?”. They were so absorbed in their own creations that they were utilizing the scientific process without even noticing it.

Those kids are natural-born scientists and through this experiment, they were able to ignite this little spark inside each one of us. This little spark that makes the world go round and keeps asking, “How?”

Mr. Andrade (proudest teacher)”

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