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Lakeview Elementary School

Lakeview Elementary 4th grade went on a field trip to the Marriott Center to watch the BYU – Alaska women’s gymnastics meet. Everyone got some free swag and cheered on BYU for the win!

Young man with pom-poms. BYU Marriott Center scoreboard. Girls cheering for BYU. Young boys in the stands cheering. A row of students cheering for the BYU Gymnastics Team. Young students enjoying a treat at the gymnastics meet.

El cuarto grado de Lakeview aplaude la gimnasia de la BYU

El 4º grado fue de excursión al Marriott Center para ver el encuentro de gimnasia entre las mujeres de BYU y Alaska. Todos recibieron algo de botín gratis y animaron a BYU por la victoria.

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Lakeview Fourth Grade Cheers on BYU Gymnastics

A 4ª classe foi numa visita de estudo ao Marriott Center para assistir ao BYU – Alaska women’s gymnastics meet. Todos ganharam um pouco de gratificação e aplaudiram a BYU pela vitória!

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