1. Log onto the internet (it does not matter which internet engine is used).
  2. Go to the Provo School District web page address; http://www.provo.edu
  3. Select “Student Link.”4.Select “PowerSchool.”
  4. This page will ask for the student’s ID number and a password.
  5. Your student’s ID number is a six digit number located next to the student photograph. For example, if John’s ID number is 678543, enter it. But, if the number starts with a “0” leave off the first digit. 078543 would be 78543.
  6. Your student’s password is the birthday. Enter the month, day, and year in the password. For example: 1/20/98. Be sure to use slashes and leave off leading zeros as in 01.
  7. From this page you can look up grades, attendance, school lunch money, deposits, teacher’s notes, emails. You can also sign-up to receive and email including your student’s grades and attendance. If you don’t have an email address, you can get one free through Yahoo, Juno, Hotmail, Gmail, etc

Cómo Revisar sus Calificaciones y Asistencia