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Many of our Lions have taken the opportunity to write some new year’s resolutions for 2022.  Our walls are scattered with their thoughts and goals. We hope they inspire everyone to set their own resolutions for the new year.

Muchos de nuestros Leones han aprovechado la oportunidad para escribir algunos propósitos de año nuevo para 2022.  Nuestras paredes están repletas de sus pensamientos y objetivos. Esperamos que inspiren a todos a establecer sus propios propósitos para el nuevo año.

Muitos de nossos Leões aproveitaram a oportunidade para escrever algumas resoluções de ano novo para 2022.  Nossas paredes estão espalhadas com seus pensamentos e objetivos. Esperamos que eles inspirem a todos a estabelecer suas próprias resoluções para o novo ano.

Student New Year resolutions. 2nd-Grade Student New Year resolutions. 2nd-Grade Student New Year resolutions. 2nd-Grade 4th grade new year resolutions posted on classroom wall


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The Lakeview faculty and staff wish to thank everyone who attended our Back-to-School Night on Monday.  It's always exciting to gather our Lakeview family together for the beginning of a new school...

Classes start back on Tuesday, August 16th at 8:20 am. We will have a red carpet at the main entrance for students to walk in and be celebrated for the first day back to school. Parents and families...