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The Lakeview Elementary fourth grade had the chance to visit the Pioneer Museum and Village in Provo. According to Mrs. Hafen, “We loved learning more about Pioneer life and had a great time eating lunch in the park.”

Children posed in front of pioneer mercantile store. Blacksmith demonstrating pioneer skills. Children learning pioneer skills. Children learning pioneer skills. Children learning pioneer skills. Class photo of children at the Pioneer Museum

Utah Core Standards – Fourth Grade Social Studies.

“In the third grade, students built conceptual understandings of community, culture, and government. They learned basic geographic terms and geographic features necessary for human settlement and success. They applied their understanding of culture and community as they learned more about indigenous cultures in the Americas. They began to explore the rights and responsibilities central to representative government.

In the fourth grade, students will build on these foundational concepts as they learn about the present state of Utah. Students will study history, government, economics, culture, and geography to build their understanding of Utah’s past and present, as well as make inferences about Utah’s future. Inquiry into current events will help students make connections between the past and the present. Students will enlarge their world connections as they trace the global travels of people from many diverse cultures who now call Utah home.”


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