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Last modified: November 21, 2019

Paige Rodgers

Mrs. Rodgers 6th Grade Class

I grew up in Bend, Oregon and I am the fifth of six kids in my family. I married my husband July 14, 2017 and he is my best friend. He is majoring in Economics. I graduated from BYU in Elementary Education with a minor in TESOL in 2018. I was able to student teach at Wasatch Elementary School under Betsy Isom’s 6th grade class. This is my second full year teaching 6th graders at Lakeview. I love music, running, hiking, baking, interior design, math, painting, and I LOVE TO LEARN. My favorite quote is: “Come what may and love it.”

My Classroom

My¬†classroom theme is: It’s a Wonderful World! I believe each of my students has great potential and each student has something unique to share with our class. I want to embrace each student’s strengths and build from their weaknesses. We live in a beautiful, wonderful world and I want each student to feel excited about life and learning!