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Last modified: October 22, 2020

Subject Links

Phases of the Moon

Mystery Science:Why Does the Moon Change Shape?

Web-Quest: Phases of the Moon

Mystery Science: Universe in a Box

Phases of the Moon (hints & help)

Lunar Challenge

Phases of the Moon (by date)

Wonderville: The Phases of the Moon

Moon Phase Quiz #2

Moonlight Madness Quiz

The Lunar Cycle (video)

The Universe: Phases of the Moon


Mysterious Change of Seasons

Treehouse Weather

Reasons for the Season Webquest

Earth in Motion

Earth’s Tilt (Khan Academy)

The Earth’s Tilt & Seasons

Reason for the Seasons Flipbook

Reason for the Seasons Flipbook (Seasons Flipbook Example)

Solar System

The Universe Flipbook

Is There a New 9th Planet?

Solar System and Planets (video)

Introduction to Our Solar System

Distance of the Planets from the Sun

Can You Planet?Can You Planet

Planets to Scale (video)

Earth is Not the Center of the Universe

Learning About Our Solar System

Your Weight on other Worlds

Mass & Diameter of Planets

The Milky Way & Other Galaxies

Comets, Asteroids, & Meteors

Star Patterns in the Sky

Star Wheel

Wanderers in the Night Sky

Why The Stars Appear to Move

Amazing Space (choose Galaxies Galore)



Cells & Microbes

What Are Cells?

The History of Cells

Animal & Plant Cells

Yeast, Bread, and Fuel

Microbes at the Gas Pump

Louis Pasteur

Bacteria and Viruses

Bacterial and Viral Diseases

What Do Bacteria & Viruses Look Like?

Medical Terms for Kids

Microbe Discoverers

The Good & Bad of Microorganisms

Microbes Magazine Packet

What are Microbes

The World of Protists

Virtual Pond Dip

Pond Water Critters

Pond Water Identification

Plantlike Protists

Animallike Protists

Protists: Ducksters Quiz & Information

6th Grade Sci-ber Text


Energy: Heat, Light, Sound Overview

Video:Light & Sound Travel in Waves

Light as a Wave

Web quest: Where are the Fish?

Light Energy

Reflection/Refraction Notebook

Why Are Sunsets Red?

Why is the Sky Blue & Sunsets Red?

Magic Window



Picture Sort

Transparent, Translucent, Opaque

The Telescope: From Galileo to Hubble

Bill Nye: Light (video)


What is Sound?

Magic School Bus: Haunted House

Ocean Odyssey

Sound All Around (book)

How Do We Hear?

The Nature of Sound

When Sound Travels

Sound and Hearing

Pitch vs Volume

Turn Down the Music

Bill Nye: Sound (video)


What is Heat?

Heat Transfer Textbook

Heat Transfer

Conductors & Insulators of Heat

Conductors & Insulators (bitesize)

Changing States Keeping Warm(activity)

Bill Nye: Heat (video)


Matching Nets

Family Math Night!

Ancient Egypt

Egypt Investigations

Gods & Goddesses Info

Ancient Egyptian Gods & Goddesses

Mummy Maker

Explore the Pyramids (street view)

Animal Gods

King Tut Investigation

Egypt Magazine Packet

You Wouldn’t Want to be an Egyptian Mummy

Inside the Pyramid of Giza

Explore Giza

Ancient Egypt Magic Lesson

Drawing Egyptian Eyes

Book of the Dead Video

Fling the Teacher

Interactive Map of the Nile

Birmingham Museum

Ancient Greece

Daily lIfe in Ancient Greece

Ancient Greek City-States

Explore Ancient Greece Greek Theater

Magazine Packet

Greek Alphabet

Greek Letters and Sounds

Writing in Ancient Greek

Gods & Goddess of Ancient Greece

Gods & Goddess of Ancient Greece

Map of Ancient Greece

Mythic Warriors of Ancient Greece ◊ Theseus and the Minotaur

Andromeda the Warrior

Jason & the Argonauts

Prometheus & Pandora’s Box

Ancient Rome

Story of Romulus & Remus

Rome Topics

Quick Comparison: Ancient Rome & Greece

What is a Myth?

Discover Ancient Rome

Roman Towns

Homes in Ancient Rome

Roman Baths

Dress the Roman Soldier

Roman Roads

Why Were the Romans Successful Empire Builders?

Remarkable Rome (magazine packet)


Map of the Roman Empire

The Fall of Rome

You Wouldn’t Want to be a Gladiator (web book)

Ancient Rome Research


A New Power Rises

Patricians and Plebeians

The Punic Wars

Julius Caesar


Caesar Agustus

The Roman Empire After Agustus

Roman Technology

Latin and other European Languages

Constantine and the Byzantine Empire

Middle Ages

Explore the Castle

Take a Look at Medieval Castles

Peasant Life

Medieval Times

Life on a Manor

Life in the Middle Ages (video)

Daily Life in the Middle Ages Quiz

The Feudal System Quiz

Becoming a Knight Quiz

A Noble’s Life

King John & the Magna Carta Quiz

The Fuedal System

The Farming Year

Girls and Women of the Middle Ages

Crime and Punishment

Medieval vs Modern

Sir Dana: A Knight

Camelot Village

Design of a Castle


Exploring Burmingham

Medieval Literature

Medieval Daily Life

Medieval Architecture

Medieval Crusades

Medieval Food

Medieval Dishes (for the feast)

Fling the Teacher: *Medieval Realms

Fling the Teacher *Crusades

Fling the Teacher *Castles

Fling the Teacher *The Great Plague


Page Advancement Requirements

Medieval Weapons Videos

How to Make a Coat of Arms Shield


Squire Advancement Requirements

Medieval Music




Knight Advancement Requirements

Crusades Video

The Medieval Crusades

MORE Medieval Crusades

Feudalism Video

Feudalism Info & Quiz

Discover Knights and Castles

Knight Video

The Canterbury Tales

The Wife of Bath’s Tale

The Pardoner’s Tale

The Nun’s Priest’s Tale

World War II

Stages of the Holocaust

Holocaust Webquest (survivor stories)

Hitler Youth

Hitler’s Plan to Conquer the World

The Spread of War

The Good War (magazine)

WWII Timeline

Battles of World War II

Interactive Map of Europe

WWII Radio Library


Interactive Map of the Pacific Theater

Dogs for Defense

Sadako and the Atomic Bomb

Origami Crane